Talk organized by CIS UTAR for visiting students on “Malaysia/ASEAN Relations with the Major Powers   from East Asian countries : Japan, Myanmar (Foreign Student Delegation organized by Learning Across Borders Program), 19 Feb 2014, at PH102, UTAR.  

Speaker : Dr Stephen Leong, CIS Director.


Speaker on “Southeast Asia/Mynamar Relations with China” at the Roundtable on "Southeast Asian Perspectives on Korea and China" organized by ASAN Institute for Policy Studies (ROK) and Myanmar Institute of Strategic & International Studies  (MISIS), Yangon, Mynamar, 6 June 2014.  


Interviewed on “South China Sea Problem” by an intern Mr Rick Mortiers from Belgian Embassy Kuala Lumpur,  23 Jun 2014, at Asia- Europe Institute, Universiti Malaya.


Interviewed on “South Thailand Problem” by an intern Mr Francois Leyens from Belgian Embassy Kuala Lumpur,  11 July 2014, Belgian Embassy Kuala Lumpur.


Paper presenter for Session 2 : “Malaysia-China Relations and Implications for ASEAN“ at the 2014 International Seminar on the 40th Anniversary of Malaysia-China Diplomatic Relations, organized by Institute of Chinese Studies of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and Institute of Strategic  Analysis & Policy Research (INSAP), 22 – 23 Aug 2014, Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya.


Chairperson for Panel 3: “The Influence of Strategic Culture on the Security Dilemma in US-China Relations” at the International Conference on "Malaysia,China, and the Asia-Pacific Region in the Twenty-First Century” organized by Institute of China Studies of University of Malaya and Kong Zi  Institute of University of Malaya, 29-30 Oct 2014, Auditorium, High Impact Research (HIR) Building, University of Malaya.


Talk organized by CIS UTAR for UTAR staff, students, alumni and public on The Influence of Strategic Culture on the Security Dilemma in US-China Relations”, 27 Nov 2014, PH102, UTAR. 

Speaker : Dr Er-Win Tan, Visiting Research Fellow, Department of International & Strategic Studies, University of Malaya.