Talk entitled “Japan-ASEAN Relations” organized for  visiting students from East Asian countries – Japan, Korea, Vietnam, China  on “Learning Across Boarders Programs”, 20  Feb 2013, at PH102, UTAR.   

Speaker : Dr Stephen Leong, CIS Director. 


Interviewed by Global Times (Beijing) on “Southeast Asia and China’s Regional Role”, 13 Feb 2013, at Hotel Swiss Garden, Kuala Lumpur. Article published in Global Times, 6 Mar 2013.


Co-organizer with International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas (ISSCO) and UTAR (ICS, CIS, CCSR, CMCC, CSCT) for 8th International Conference of International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas (ISSCO). CIS Director, Chairperson for Panel 3 of Session 3 : "Demography, Citizenship, and Food Culture", 17-19 Aug 2013, Palace of the Golden Horses, Kuala Lumpur.


Co-organizer with CMSC, CSTS, CIS of UTAR for National Youth Symposium : Youth Power in National Transformation, 26 Oct 2013, at PD011, UTAR.


Speaker on “China’s Foreign Policy and Neighboring States' Strategy toward China in the Xi Jin Ping Era"  in the  Conference on “China’s Foreign Policy in the Xi JinPing Era”, 23 -24 Oct 2013, at Korea National Diplomatic Academy (KNDA), Korea.


Moderator for Session 3 : "Japan at the Cross Roads”  in  the International Conference of Japan Studies 2013 : “Rethinking Japan’s Engagement with Asia”, organized by Malaysian Association for Japanese Studies (MAJAS), University of Malaya, Malaysia-Japan Research Centre (MJRC), Embassy of Japan in Malaysia, 30-31 Oct 2013, Hotel Armada Petaling Jaya.


Live Interview by CCTV (Beijing) on “Chinese Communist Party Central Committee’s Reform Proposals for China” by CCTV Beijing, 13 Nov 2013, live telephone interview from Beijing, China.


Chairperson for Panel 3 : “Ethnicity and Inter-Religious Coexistence : Implications for Governance and National Security” in the MAAS-KITA Seminar on “Managing Ethnic and Religious Diversity in the United States and Malaysia  : Challenges and Prospects” organized by Malaysian Association for American Studies (MAAS) – Institut Kajian  Etnik (KITA), 27 Nov 2013, Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.