Membership in Centre for International Studies (CIS)

1. Membership is open to all University staff.

2. Member is required to attend the Centre’s meetings. The member is required to notify the Centre’s Secretary or Chairperson if he/she is           unable to attend the meeting.

3. Member is encourage to participate and contribute to the activities arranged by the Centre.

4. Member is eligible to apply for a limited fund from the Centre to organise activity that is related to the Centre’s objectives and goals by             preparing a proposal and budget for the activity.

5. Member is encourage to do research collaboration within and outside the University.

6. Member who has not attended any meetings and without any notifications and valid reasons for 6 months, will be notify by the Centre.            The dormant member then needs to inform whether he / she would like to withdraw his / her membership.

7. Membership can be restored if reply is deemed satisfactory.

8. Former Centre’s member can reapply for membership subject to obtaining a majority vote from existing members.