The study of International Relations explores and addresses the complex role between states and international organisations in areas such as global politics and diplomacy, international law and security, international trade and economics, terrorism as well as climate change. Global issues are often challenging and solving them requires inter and multidisciplinary approach to draw up effective policy on the international level. Many universities are now providing the local and global market with scientific analysis and strategies for governmental and economic institutions.



To be a centre of excellence that promotes quality research in the area of international studies. 


To promote understanding among the UTAR campus community and  society-at-large of critical contemporary international issues affecting the nation, the region and the world; and to promote constructive response to the problems and challenges.

To provide opportunities for greater information exchange and discussion  about contemporary regional and global issues, and on Malaysian foreign policy and relations with the international community.

To undertake research on selected critical socio-economic issues and contemporary regional problems and challenges that impact on the peace, stability and security of the nation, the region and the world.

Areas of Interest

International Relations

ASEAN and the Superpowers

International Trade and Economy

Malaysia and China Relations

US-China Relations

Indo-pacific and Global Security


US policy in Asia under Biden Administration

Malaysia Foreign Policy from Tunku to Mahathir

The Future of US-China Relations: Has China Won?