Malaysia is a country that is deeply connected to the world. It is a member of vibrant regional and global organisations and fora such as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), ASEAN Plus Three (APT), East Asia Summit (EAS), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Commonwealth, Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations (UN). Malaysia plays a crucial role in shaping both regional and international affairs, and its future is inextricably linked to the world. It is thus important for Centre for International Studies (CIS) to develop informed insights through promoting focused research so as to acquaint UTAR community and the wider Malaysian public with critical contemporary issues that significantly impact on the nation, the region and the world.


To be a centre of excellence that promotes quality research in the area of international studies. 


To promote understanding among the UTAR campus community and  society-at-large of critical contemporary international issues affecting the nation, the region and the world; and to promote constructive response to the problems and challenges.

To provide opportunities for greater information exchange and discussion  about contemporary regional and global issues, and on Malaysian foreign policy and relations with the international community.

To undertake research on selected critical socio-economic issues and contemporary regional problems and challenges that impact on the peace, stability and security of the nation, the region and the world.


Dr. Ho Ying Chan

We are committed to our long-term vision of developing original insights on international affairs with theoretical foundations. The Centre will also organize seminars and conferences on a regular basis to discuss key regional and international challenges, exploring new opportunities and solutions for Malaysia. Through in-depth research and discussions, we aim to enrich the understanding of Malaysia and the world, ultimately enabling us to reimagine Malaysia in a changing world.